Family Therapy

family therapy

family therapy improves family dynamics

I specialize in working with adult children and their parents.

  • Is there such a thing as a “normal” family?
  • Aren’t all families dysfunctional in some way?
  • Do you ever wonder why it’s sometimes easier to spend time with friends than with family?
  • Do you wonder if there’s anything you can do to help your family members get along better?
  • Do you dread or avoid family gatherings because you don’t like the role you’re assigned in your family?

Let’s face it, you’re stuck with these people. (After all, you’re family!) I offer a space where you can come together and figure out how to make things work better between you. Family therapy really helps.

Families are systems that are remarkably good at resisting changes in their dynamics, and that’s why attempts to make things better can feel so futile. Having a family counselor work with your family is a sure-fire way to get unstuck and experience movement toward more clarity and healing. I work with your family* both as a group and individually to devise better communication patterns until everyone feels better.

* I do family therapy with people over 18 and their parents, in-laws, siblings or other significant adult relatives in their lives.

Online Sessions

I now use Google Hangouts to work with members living in remote locations (outside of Los Angeles) as if we were all in the same room! I find this method shockingly more effective than Skype.

Call me at 323 422-7366 or use this contact form for a free initial consultation.