Couples Counseling

got relationship problems?

  • Relationship problems got you down?
  • Heartbroken that you’ve lost the love you once felt with your partner?
  • Has all the day-to-day routine dulled the passion and spontaneity you experienced when you first got together?
  • Does the experience of connection and intimacy seem like a long lost dream?

A breakdown in communication within a couple leads to conflict, tension, and erosion of the bond they once had. My work as a counselor with couples (of any sexual orientation) includes conflict reduction, improving communication, and creating more intimate and ultimately satisfying relationships. Couples counseling addresses what is being said between two people, what is being heard, and what to do when the couple needs help finding a way to re-connect and enjoy each other again.

couples counseling

I love working with couples because I get to be part of a process that allows people to restore their ability to experience companionship in a healthy and satisfying way. My primary goal in couples counseling is to help you reframe your relationship problems into relationship issues, develop an effective way to move through them, and then make myself obsolete as soon as I can reasonably do so – when you’ve internalize the process we develop together you’ll no longer need to come to couples counseling. If both of you are sincere in your efforts to improve your relationship and are willing to make the necessary effort you will notice improvements, and we will all three sense when we no longer need to meet (or can at least slow down to the occasional “tune-up”).

Couples counseling sessions are 50 minutes, but I usually allow for some extra time in the first meeting to make sure no one feels rushed, each of you feels heard, and all three of us reach some consensus about how we’re going to proceed. It is during this initial session that I will tell you what I think is needed for you to reach your goals and how long I think that will take, which will usually be at least 6 visits.

I will often request that each of you get and read a book I think is appropriate to your circumstances. This is extremely helpful in the couples counseling process and will shorten the length of time needed in sessions.

what it's like before couples counseling

“Working on our relationship issues with Scott as our couples counselor made the difference between divorce and bliss.”

“My wife dragged me into couples counseling with Scott, but he made it seem ok to be there and I soon realized how important it was for me to reconnect with my wife.”

“Scott helped us get things back on track, and it was way cheaper than a divorce.”

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